Geri Bonhof

Member of the board of trustees and chair of the committee education and research - First appointment: 15 March 2018. Current appointment: until 15 March 2022. Eligible for reappointment.

Geri Bonhof has extensive experience as a director in complex organisations in the public sector, mainly in education. For 12 years, she was president of the board of directors of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and vice-chair of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. Previously, she was a member of the education council and a member of the board of directors of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In addition to being chair of the Perinatal Care Board (CPZ), she is currently also a member of the Higher Education Efficiency Committee and of Kennisnet, an IT partner for education.

It is a privilege to return to a university of applied sciences as a member of the board of trustees, especially at Hotelschool The Hague. This is a unique institution with an international character, a strong reputation and a close link to the hospitality sector.