Anna de Visser Amundson

Anna de Visser Amundson is a Project Leader and Research Fellow in Marketing at Hotelschool The Hague (HTH). She is also a Doctorate Candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, School of Business & Economics. While Anna has taught in all marketing related courses during her long tenure at HTH, she now primarily leads large scale projects in the research center. Here she most often teams up with HTH’s F&B outlet colleagues and work with both 2nd and 4th years students on projects related to food circularity and sustainable consumption. Anna studies ‘nudging’ as an effective strategy to reduce food waste in hospitality organisations. Her work on this topic has been published in e.g., “Food Waste Management: Solving the Wicked Problem” and Journal of Sustainable Tourism. She is a recognized thought leader on the topic of food waste in retail and hospitality settings, part of UN Food Systems Summit Independent dialogue and a driving force in the national Food Waste Challenge in the Netherlands. She also explores the marketing of ‘rescued-based’ food as a scalable solution to the food waste problem where she particularly looks at how different product cues (.e.g, product presentation) influence consumer preferences for this type of food. Some of this work is published in e.g., Journal of Marketing Research. Anna’s research and work on food waste management is manifested in real life settings with extensive student involvement to not only take action now but also have a more ‘waste less’ the future by taking of the next generation leaders along in the battle against food waste.

Lately, Anna’s research also looks into the role of emotions such as shame and pride in making sustainable choices as well as how to manage the transition to more sustainable menu offerings in restaurants.