Bachelor’s programme curriculum

Our challenging bachelor’s programme (CROHO 34411 BA) teaches students the transferable skills they need to adapt to the shifting demands of the hospitality industry. Students not only learn management theory but are subsequently asked to apply what they’ve learned in real-world settings. We involve our partners in the industry in our educational activities to give students the best possible preparation for their future career.

The curriculum is built up logically. The first year covers the fundamentals of running a hospitality business, and by the fourth year students are learning what it takes to innovate the hospitality industry. Personal growth and development are key elements of our programme’s learning process Students work individually but also on case studies in teams in real-world companies. Our degree programme is 100% in English, but students also select a second language from a wide range of modern languages.

Personal Development

Throughout the four years of the Bachelor programme at Hotelschool The Hague you will follow a Personal Development course with each year building upon the previous one.

Personal Development I

In this course you will learn how to study efficiently and effectively, you will learn more about your personality, you will learn how to work and live with peers and we will prepare you for your practical placement in year 2. The overall theme of the course is ‘Who am I?’

Personal Development II

The overall theme of tutoring and skills in year 2 is ‘pushing the boundaries’. In your second year you will go abroad for an internship of 19 weeks. During tutoring and skills, we will prepare you for this internship. The focus is on teaching you skills such as endurance, resilience and cultural awareness.

Personal Development III

This portfolio based course offers you tools to deal with adversity, to reflect on your learning and to prepare you for your graduation phase.