Meet Hotello Colin Westerwoudt, co-founder of TIPPR

"I found my passion in the foodservice and made it my job. I recommend everyone to look for their passion and start working on it. During the weekend I travel; I like to visit F&B concepts, restaurants and hotels with family and friends. Due to COVID-19 I travel less, but I am always looking for new products and concepts.

I believe that work is a top sport. Twice a week I go kickboxing with a friend (also an HTH alumnus), and on weekends and after work I visit the gym to keep in shape and clear my head. In 2017 we started TIPPR. Our vision is that every hospitality owner or manager can find or buy professional products with three clicks. We want to make hospitality transparent, share knowledge and TIPΡs to generate extra revenue for hospitality. For example, as a restaurant owner or manager you would like to offer your guests a healthier and innovative drink with less sugar. Within a couple of clicks, you can find different brands offering soda drinks made of natural ingredients.

In hospitality, we are all challenged with the same problems. So, why should every hospitality owner and manager reinvent the same issue? We believe that hospitality is the living room of the Netherlands and that hospitality shows what is going on in a country. With the data and content we collect, we want to return control to the hospitality industry. In 2025 we want to be the most valuable and biggest community for hospitality in Europe."

"What I want to share with you is that being an entrepreneur and working in your passion is the best thing I have ever done, but also the hardest. Keep on going, use your brain but do not jump out of the window (partly a quote from Dr. Lily Lin!)"

Colin Westerwoudt Co-founder TIPPR

How have you experienced the past year?

It was of course an unexpected situation. With TIPPR we call it the Tinder of Hospitality; we inspire the hospitality industry 365 days a year. During COVID-19, we started investing and building the TIPPR.SHOP. Within five minutes, hospitality owners and managers are able to create their unique web shop and start selling. Products used in the industry are becoming available to consumers now. Over 25.000 professionals are registered and using the app almost daily.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is Erik Driessen. He made change possible in the foodservice but unfortunately, passed away. From a global perspective I think of Terence Kalanick, the founder of Uber. I am not a fan of his management style because that's what almost ruined Uber. But, he inspires me because he did not stop at a setback. On the contrary, he kept on going, and managed to change an industry. That is the most important thing I believe in, keeping going. Always stay on focus, never become overconfident, and follow your vision. I did not stop because of my dyslexia. I did not stop when my business partner became really ill, and I did not stop when COVID-19 closed down the hospitality industry.

Hotello of The Year contest

Colin is ranked in the top 10 with his company TIPPR. Since 2006, the Hotello of the Year Award is presented to a recognised and acknowledged Hotello who has achieved great success in the hospitality industry. The award will be granted to an Alumni of one of the Dutch Hotel Management Schools who is proud of their ‘Hotello-roots’ and shows this both professionally and privately.

Copyright foto: Ming Chao