#FITTESTRIJDERS for mentally fit healthcare workers

Kim Lakho & Freek Schraa are HTH Alumni and the co-founders of Renato’s, an Italian chain of six restaurants throughout the Netherlands.


During these difficult times and despite having to close down their restaurants from one day to another, Lakho and Schraa showed their hospitality soul; they launched an initiative that focuses on the well-being of the heroes working in the healthcare industry.

Looking after our health and well-being is crucial for coping with the current crisis. #FITTESTRIJDERS provides free healthy meals and mental coaching, performed by top athletes, making sure healthcare workers can continue delivering top results! In four weeks, they have already served over 1000 vegetarian meals!

Mental coaching by top athletes

Fanbased offers programmes to accelerate personal growth and team development. They teamed up with Renato’s to address the mental facet of healthcare workers’ well-being. Every week, they record inspiring talks by Dutch top athletes to restore the physical, mental and emotional batteries after a full day of work. Anky van Grunsven, Marc Lammers, Marc van de Kuilen, Robin Haase and Joyce Sombroek have already joined this initiative!

Kim and Freek need your help in making this an even bigger success! You can donate a meal via