Streats prepares food at the Holiday Inn refugee Hotel

Hotelschool The Hague’s food truck “Streats” held an event on Tuesday at the Holiday Inn refugee hotel in Amsterdam South. Students prepared a delicious lunch of sugar bread with homemade blueberry jam, grilled pineapple, and a fresh smoothie for children and residents of the hotel.

"The people attending the event appeared to enjoy the food! I think it was a very educative day at the event for us students, seeing how something so simple as homemade food can make people’s day a little better."

Pippa Kuijl

In aiding relief to Ukrainian refugees, the city of Amsterdam and the Dutch government joined forces with companies and schools such as Holiday Inn and Hotelschool The Hague to offer a helping hand. Since April 2022, the building of the former Holiday Inn has been transformed into an up-and-running hotel that welcomes and hosts Ukrainians.

The initial articles about this project were published in March, and the first people were welcomed in April. The residents are offered three meals each day, the evening meal being warm, with help from “Leger des Heils” and Hotel employees. The Holiday Inn facility is currently accommodating 371 refugees, 110 of which are children. Many of them have already settled into life in the Netherlands, working for local businesses and learning Dutch.

“Children were smiling and giggling when we arrived. It was very touching to see how quickly they can adjust.”

Pippa Kuijl

Thank you Pippa for your sharing your experience with us.