HTH delegates attend the EuroCHRIE2021 in Aalborg, Denmark

A small committee of HTH delegates attended the EuroCHRIE2021 - 37th Annual Hospitality & Tourism Conference "The Best Way to Predict the Future - is to Create it" held in Aalborg, Denmark on 27-30 September 2021. In addition, other Hotelschool The Hague researchers and lecturers presented online in a hybrid set up.

Dr. David Brannon presented three papers all revolving around hospitality talent management. He looked amongst other things into how to attract and retain female management, and how to alter HR hospitality and hotel practices into sustainable hospitality HR. Next, our tea sommelier Mrs. Lysbeth Vink, together with Dr. Annette Kappert from Buas, took the audience along the historical road and origins of tea in the Netherlands, connecting our rich past with possibilities to revive modern Tea practices in our hospitality industry. Mr. Jan Huizing engaged his audience with his online presentation about city hospitality, delving into several aspects like social cohesion and the city host as to strengthen the hospitableness of city with regard to all its stakeholders, including their citizens and tourists.

Then, there was Mrs. Boukje de Boer, together with Mrs. Michelle Schefman and Dr. Xander Lub who brought in the theme of innovative didactics as part of the Hotelschool The Hague (Comenius) project to implement a design oriented and research informed curriculum.

Finally, Dr. Angelique Lombarts presented the new platform she is chairing, which is a collaborative platform focusing on hospitality in healthcare in which the beforementioned hotelschools (Buas, Stenden, Zuyd, Saxion and HTH) work together on projects in healthcare (hospitals, elderly care, care hotels etc.) and co-edit a book on this broad theme.

Networking activities were also planned as an integrative part and as important as the scholarly part of the conference.

Next year’s conference will be organised in Apeldoorn.

About EuroCHRIE

EuroCHRIE is the scholarly federation of hospitality, tourism and event management lecturers and researchers. It is the European branch of the ‘Chrie family’, having an Asian section and an American one, where the federation originally was founded. Each country has its own ‘chapter’ of hospitality education institutions. In the Netherlands, Saxion, Zuyd university of applied sciences (better known as Hotelschool Maastricht), NHL Stenden, Buas, and Wittenborgh are members, like Hotelschool The Hague is.