Industry Advisory Board meeting on campus The Hague

On Wednesday 30 March, the annual Industry Advisory Board meeting took place at Hotelschool The Hague, TH campus.

The Industry Advisory Board consists of internationally acclaimed hospitality industry leaders and representatives of the academic world, all characterised by their commitment in supporting Hotelschool The Hague with their valuable industry insights. The Board offers its independent and industry-oriented advice to HTH’s Board of Directors and helps the latter in making strategic decisions for the future of the school. This collaboration ensures that the content of the educational programme at HTH remains aligned with the current needs of the industry, and has the tools to anticipate and react to the future needs of this rapidly changing field.

"A meeting like this, with industry captains who genuinely connect with students, is unique and extremely value-adding. It enlarged my network, broadened my vision on the future of hospitality, and was a great way of stimulating the community feeling after two years of COVID-19."

Ruben Bruin, Student

The day started with an interactive session on Generational and Industry Trends, hosted by Harold Coenders (Partner/ Director Colliers), and was followed by a break-out and plenary session on the topic of Strategy. After lunch and a walk to an external location by the beach, the event continued with a World Café on Education-Industry Talent Collaboration, and concluded with a student forum and networking drinks.

Staff and students alike enjoyed this lively and productive meeting on the future of hospitality and Hotelschool The Hague's role in it. For Sally Gascoigne, Team Leader Recruitment Office, one of the highlights was the dialogue between board members and students. "The students asked everything from sustainability to career advice and the meaning of "success". The insight was invaluable for them in planning their next steps in Hospitality and the honest reflections from our board members was really special."

On the importance of the meeting, Alexandra Marian, student, said: "Being part of such an experience was a unique opportunity for me, and I am grateful that I was among the students who were able to attend. It is important for us as students to be able to be part of the discussions at such level, share our opinions, and meet influential alumni.”

"All members of IAB joined with a willingness to make a significant contribution, allowing us to identify & address important components that will surely help us in providing the high quality education that HTH is globally known for. A big thank you goes to all the members for being here with us, investing into our future and the future of our industry; our students."

Paul Griep, Director of Alumni & Industry Relations at Hotelschool The Hague