When met Ms. von Stieglitz

Why is it worth choosing a career in the hospitality industry? This is one of the questions Ms. von Stieglitz answered during the interview with Watch the interview below or listen to the podcast on all main podcast platforms.

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André Baljeu sat down with Ms. von Stieglitz, President Board of Directors (BoD) at our renovated campus in The Hague to discuss her views and perspectives on how to attract and retain talent in the hospitality industry, the importance of IQ, EQ and AQ, and why it’s worth choosing a career in hospitality.

"The uniqueness in our way of teaching is not only about knowledge, it's also about skills. In our case, we make the distinction between empathy and adversity."

Regine von Stieglitz

In keeping up with the times, the interview touched upon the topic of the pandemic and the leadership learnings and challenges that surfaced throughout the last two and a half years. Ms. Von Stieglitz referred to what kept the HTH community together, shared the post-pandemic challenges for Higher Education institutions, and how HTH embraced digital technologies in education.

Research Centre

In regard to studies and a career in hospitality today, Ms. Von Stieglitz stressed the importance of the human to human interaction component that makes it an attractive professional direction to follow. When she was asked how to attract and retain talent in the hospitality industry, she referred to the Research Centre and its work on the sustainable human talent management, as this is examined by Dr. David Brannon.

Sustainable Hospitality Challenge

During the interview, Ms. Von Stieglitz elaborated on the history of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge, its focus on the importance of the SDG’s, and Hotelschool The Hague’s connection with the industry and academic partners.

"Our students, the young generation, is the motor of innovation. They will drive the innovation that our industry needs."

Regine von Stieglitz

Special thanks to It was an honour to welcome you at our campus, and reflect on the future of hospitality and education.