Virtual Career Fair connects students with companies

The first virtual HTH Career Fair was held on 8 October and was a success. With around 300 students participating online and 34 companies representing a selection of the placement opportunities for HTH students, the Career Fair was a hive of activity despite being digital.

"The event was very well organised and the website looked amazing. I think a great alternative to a 'normal' fair."

Leonie Lepoutre, W Amsterdam

Meeting each other online doesn’t have to be a barrier. The Career Fair has been going strong for many years on both campuses and is a highlight for many, but this was the first-ever virtual edition. The online platform was carefully designed to offer a full experience. It was easy to connect with companies via one-on-one interviews, there were keynote talks and allocated time for breaks. The placement office aimed to create a meeting place for students, partners and staff to connect with and explore internship and research opportunities while discussing future trends and developments.

"The students we spoke to were very enthusiastic, well-prepared and representative, so overall we think it was a successful event!"

Ellen Hoogeveen, Van der Valk

The aim of the fair is for students to find actual placements and research assignments that can possibly launch their career. The fair is also a recurring moment for all parties to gain exposure. Although there were concerns that there would be less international companies joining this year, they did join. Participants included international hotel chains, independent hotels, M&E organisers, start-up companies with a focus on gastronomy, consultants, members of the travel industry, FMCG, and Membership clubs. The feedback we received confirmed that it was definitely worth it and a great replacement to offline.

"The career fair was very well organised. The platform was clear and everything worked very well. A good replacement during these times."

Hotelschool The Hague student