Hospitality competencies facilitating diplomatic relationship building

Current geo-political and socio-economic concerns are increasingly destabilizing national ties between countries, emphasizing the role of embassies in fostering international relations. This study thus explored Hospitality's crucial role in strengthening foreign office ties within their networks by interviewing the German embassy's staff.

Embassies represent their countries' foreign policy, whether peace within a country or upholding alliances and bilateral agreements. This research explores these factors through exploratory analysis of embassies and how hospitality competencies are perceived. Grounded on those findings, three propositions have been formulated, assisting the understanding of the conceptual framework. First, how can the Hospitality experience facilitate relationship building? What role can emotional intelligence play in facilitating relationship building? Can trust facilitate relationship building? The described methodology tested the three formulated propositions in line with the explorative research. This qualitative study shares thoughts, experiences, opinions, and emotions, reflecting governmental representatives embracing hospitality competencies to execute contemporary diplomacy.

Dr. David Brannon, Mr. Imrecke's thesis coach, said: "Sebastian addresses Hospitality's role in turbulent times, where geo-political relations are stretching. He highlights how Hospitality can strengthen the relationship between embassies with insights relevant to global education and business relations. While the hospitality industry experiences increased financial pressures, it is worth recalling Hospitality's significance in building relationships through trust, care, and safety among diverse people. Although this study invites further exploration along several research lines, Sebastian's call to revisit Hospitality's origin seems timely."

About Sebastian Imrecke

Sebastian can be considered a third-culture child. Being born in the United Arab Emirates and living in several countries worldwide allowed him to be exposed to different cultures from an early age. Returning to Germany and his parental roots allowed him to complete his secondary education and pursue an apprenticeship as a hospitality specialist at the grand hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Hamburg.

After laying the foundation, Sebastian then decided to explore hospitality further by attending Hotelschool the Hague to enrich his theoretical, social, and emotional knowledge within the field. His curiosity to expand his skills and expertise led him to unique opportunities, such as working for the German Embassy. This ultimately led him to research how hospitality competencies facilitate diplomatic relationship building. Sebastian continues to put his knowledge and passion to work within the hospitality industry.

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