The HTH Research Centre showcased two of its recent projects

The HTH Research Centre began November with a research center café showcasing the following research.

Dr. van Rheede presented their Circular Economy project in partnership with the Municipality of Amsterdam, the 'koplopersgroep' (thought leaders). He shared their findings measuring the sustainable impact of circulatory on the business strategy of hotels in Amsterdam. This included clear evidence that circulatory is a sound business strategy, yet recognizing there is still opportunity for even further developments for example recycling textiles within the sector.

Dr. Brannon introduced the Sustainable Talent Management partnership with the Luxury Hotels of Amsterdam. This follows traditional struggles by hotels seeking to individually resolve talent shortages, instead a collaborative industry approach is required to achieve a sustainable talent pipeline. Its main contention being graduates reject the industry not employers, so improving simply fixing a hotel without tackling the industry can only present an unsustainable proposition.

Student nominated
Furthermore Diane Lereculey-Péran is nominated for The Joke Smit Prijs, awarded to nominees whose contributions improved women’s position in Dutch society. Her thesis, soon to be academically published with Dr. Brannon and Professor Lombards, investigated the underrepresentation of women on Dutch Hospitality corporate boards through an ethical lens. She drew upon this research to develop a toolkit for improving gender equality in Dutch businesses. Widely regarded as an inspiration by peers and faculty alike, it will be fascinating watching her soaring career.

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These presentations were wonderfully flanked by networking between students, industry, faculty and researchers discussing research posters. Overall this proved an inspired occasion as shown by numerous lively conversations resulting in invitations for further discussions.

The Research Centre enthusiastically looks forward to repeating this experience in February 2022.