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3 + 1 reasons to study hospitality management

Many may be wondering why invest in a career like hospitality. The main answer is simple; because of its resilience. In an ever – changing world, hospitality education offers you the tools to adapt to challenging situations and see through new opportunities.

A resilient industry

Along with tourism, hospitality is one of the most adaptable, dynamic and innovative professional fields that annually creates millions of jobs worldwide. Even though the pandemic hit hard the industry, many businesses quickly recovered thanks to their agility and creativity. New concepts in accommodation and restaurants highlight even more the inventive character of the industry. It is a dynamic and exciting world with countless possibilities for ambitious people.

Global career paths

Investing in a hospitality management diploma can help you jumpstart your global career in the industry. Hospitality education is future-proof as it trains students for a variety of careers in different sectors, thanks to its transferable skills that can applied directly to any part of the industry. From marketing, media, finance, or real estate to sports and leisure, travel, tourism, spa and wellness or other, sky is indeed the limit when it comes to career possibilities after your studies.

International connections

By joining a hospitality management school, you immediately join a strong industry network all over the world. Meeting like-minded peers who share the same passion for hospitality as you do, bonding through extracurricular activities, working on projects, or just enjoying some downtime together can help you expand your professional connections. Nevertheless, no matter the aspect of hospitality you decide to delve into or the location your future career will be set in, you can use your hospitality management skills almost anywhere in the world!

An industry with an interest in sustainability

Sustainability is central in today’s hospitality world. From exploring ways for more mindful use of resources, preserving natural attractions, or offering environmentally and socially responsible services and products to their customers, hospitality organisations have incorporated sustainable thinking into their operations and business strategies. When you decide on studying hospitality management, you also commit to becoming a professional who will tackle any challenges of sustainability in the industry.

Study hospitality and pursue a degree in hospitality management.

A hospitality degree is the right fit for anyone with a strong interest in a career in a dynamic, multi-international environment where human relationships are at the centre. Let’s create hospitable futures together at Hotelschool The Hague. Start your academic journey today! Find out more about the Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management (BA. HM) here or chat live with our student ambassadors and recruiters about our programme here.