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Diving into our extracurricular activities

Do you want to know what extracurricular activities Hotelschool The Hague offers? We have compiled a list of all our current activities which are part of the Extra Mile Office.

The Extra Mile Office serves as an umbrella organisation for a wide range of extracurricular activities. It offers help for these activities in terms of advice, official recognition, budget, and marketing, and its mission is to support students (BA, MBA, MA) and faculty members to organize student-driven extracurricular activities that broaden or deepen the hospitality-related knowledge of as many students within Hotelschool as possible.

All students can participate in more than one extracurricular activity or even start their own!

Student Council

Chairwomen: Eli Ravninova & Smriti Shetty

The Student Council is an independent organisation, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague. We are a consultative body within the Hotelschool. We are made up solely by students from different semesters, working together as student delegates. We represent the voice of the students. We are involved in the affairs of the school, working in affiliation with the management of the institute in order to be mediators between students and staff. We fundamentally would like to create an environment where all students can benefit from and grow in. Our main reporting body is the students and we make sure their voices are heard and they have a safe place for sharing issues that matter to them. We value family, diversity, teamwork, trust, positivity, and transparency as the core drivers for all of our operations within the community.

If there are any student-related issues, problems, feedback, or input, we can be reached out via our e-mail for The Hague campus or for the Amsterdam campus. Lastly, we also have an Instagram page where we share news, events, and other updates - @studentcouncilhth



Chairwoman: Talinde Evers

TEDx is an international community organizing events all over the globe. Our overall mission is to share and discover new ideas and approaches to specific topics that are worth spreading. Therefore, TEDx invites guest speakers with different backgrounds and industrial experiences to hold a pitch. Every guest speaker is given a limited time of 18 minutes to share their experiences in a catchy way. But what do we, as a TEDx team, actually do? Our team organizes the whole event from beginning to end. This entails finding a theme, meeting about budget and strategies, contacting possible guest speakers and sponsors, managing Social Media accounts, and organizing the catering during the event. The best part of it is: Getting engaged in an ambitious team and at the same time broadening your networking capabilities and growing personally. Intrigued? To learn more about TEDx, visit the official TEDx website here or follow us on social media.


The Debating Society

Chairman: Vladimir Yerofyeyev

“Listen – Speak – Succeed". The Debating Society aims to develop analytical skills by critically investigating captivating issues. We aim to empower the students to use their voices and speak up, thus refining their communication, presentation, and public speaking skills. The Debating Society consists of a group of motivated students who came together to share their passion for organized team argumentation. Our goal is to gather people who want to use their voices and speak up. Debating is not only being about this but also about improving your communication and presentation skills. The team organises several events over the block, that cover Fun Debates, Structured Debates, workshops, and masterclasses to improve your personal skills. Passionate lectures are part of this and are eager to teach the students some unique tips and tricks. The activities are open to students from all phases.

Follow us on Instagram for more! @debatingsocietyhth


Rock Your Life

Chairwoman: Britt Visser

We are an organization that strives to create the same chances for underprivileged youth in the Netherlands. Our aim is to assist students of high schools in the Netherlands in integrating into society by offering them the 'RYL! mentoring program". The program takes place annually, and Rock Your Life collaborates with high schools around the Netherlands. In the 6-month project we offer, we find out the potential, strengths, interests, and hobbies of the mentees to help them find a direction for life after high school. For our mentoring program, we pair up HTH students with the mentees, so that they can go on this journey of finding the potential of the mentee together.

At Hotelschool The Hague we focus a lot on the strengths and characteristics of our students by doing for instance the Birkman test. We think of our needs, wants, and stress behaviour and which characteristics we have that work in our favor. These children at the high schools have never thought about these aspects of themselves! And it is our job to discover their potential.

Follow us on Instagram for more rockyourlife_nederland


HTH Sustainability Committee

Chairwomen: Lara Anthonijsz (AMS), Jolien van Waterschoot (TH)

The HTHSustainabilityCommittee welcomes you to make HTH and the world a better place! We are an international student community aiming to create a positive impact on the planet and the community under the wing of Hotelschool the Hague. Together for a sustainable future. Our mission is to find ways to make Hotelschool the Hague and the world a more sustainable place. Our vision is: The many collaborations make the sustainability committee a connection hub between sustainable-minded teachers, entrepreneurs, and students. Are YOU creative, passionate, and motivated to find environmentally friendly ideas to improve your ‘environmental footprint’ at school? Then this might be a great opportunity for you. The HTHSustainabilityCommittee is open to everyone and thrilled to hear all your ideas!

Find more on our website or Instagram

Gastronomy club

Chairwomen: Anna Catharina Schmücker and Clara Blüher

We love food and drinks and want to learn all about them! Are you as passionate about gastronomy as we are? Then join us for food and beverage masterclasses, workshops, or field trips. What do you need to bring to the table? interest, motivation, and a small contribution for each event.

Find more on our Instagram @hth_gastronomy_club



Chairwoman: Roan Bosman

BeneKids is a charity foundation initiated by members of Student Association Comitas (S.A. Comitas), part of Hotelschool the Hague, campus Amsterdam. BeneKids was brought to life in order to give back to students that are not able to enjoy the privilege of education. Without education, the future of Central American society, namely the children, cannot be developed, thus poverty will not be resolved.

BeneKids provides loans to Hotel con Corazon. This is a Dutch foundation that builds hotels and invests 75% of its profits into supporting the education of children in Central America. BeneKids supports all their expansion projects in order to ultimately invest in the support and development of the education of the students, in order to improve the well-being of local communities. As a charity foundation, BeneKids raises money by organizing events, receiving donations, and attracting sponsors. Every initiative to extend these channels is welcome.

Find more on our Instagram @cfbenekids


Investment Club

Chairman: Fabian Bombel

The primary goal is to give all members of the Investment Club hands-on experience in finance and investing as well as maximising their financial knowledge. Through discussing with other peers and having experts visit that provides us with masterclasses, members can get more inside knowledge and up-to-date information on topics related to financial markets.

What the Investment Club offers:

  • Financial and economic education for every level of knowledge

  • Provided by students but also industry guest speakers

  • A community to exchange ideas and learn from each other

  • A platform to sharpen presentation skills

  • Multiple events each block (at least 4) with different focal points

  • 1x Cryptocurrency meeting

  • 2x Regular meetings about current economic topics and a stock pitch

  • 1x bar talks as an open discussion platform (check here)

  • Every block A and C: Beginners course covering all basics about economics and investing over the throughout 5 lectures

  • Information exchange and discussions on multiple online channels during the time between meetings

We hold our regular meetings and bar talks on both The Hague and Amsterdam campuses!

Find us on Instagram @hthinvestmentclub

Entrepreneurship Hub

Chairman: David Gremshi

Entrepreneurship Hub is an incubator and community for HTH students and alumni who want to start their own businesses. Focusing on connecting current and future entrepreneurs of HTH, the Hub strives to create a place where our network can meet, collaborate and create together, meaning the Hub would support those who want to start or develop their own business in knowledge/coaching, networking, and space. The Hub strives to support all students with new creative ideas and expertise by building collaborations with fellow students, faculty members, and alumni.

For the networking, the Hub organises a networking event once per block, mostly as part of Startup Tuesday The Hague to even broaden our network further outside HTH. The Hub also has been in collaboration with Venture Academy (of Leiden University) and Amsterdam University of Applied Science for various activities. The Hub keeps further expansion, with more activities to support the startup/entrepreneur community of HTH.

Find more on our Instagram @hthentrepreneurshiphub


HTH Competition Club

Chairwomen: Minh Anh Nguyen and Alexandra Marian

HTH Competition Club was born recently from a passion for cocktails and from relentless work. It all started during an MO block when a cocktail competition was successfully organised despite the ongoing pandemic. It was at that moment when it became clear, that this needed to be taken a step further, the Cocktail Games being born. The Cocktail Games aims to prove that our HTH students are leading not only in education but also in practical skills in 3 Phases.

One of the newest Extra Mile activities, Competition Club aims to convey students' passion for bartending into developing skills, taking students through an intense mentorship programme through connecting them with HTH Alumni, specialised in various fields and experts in cocktail-making. Phase 1 was held both in Amsterdam and The Hague Hague campus in Block 2122 A and is continuing with Phase 2, in which two winners from each campus will compete against each other.

This is just the beginning for us and we are glad to announce to you that we will start to actively recruit in the future. If you want to join us in this adventure, or if you would like to follow our journey, find us on Instagram @hthcompetitionclub


Wellbeing Community

Chair: Ms. Jenny Sok

What is Mindfulness? Jon Kabat-Zinn says: “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” Mindfulness is a practice where we focus on whatever task we are doing at a particular moment, giving it our undivided attention, aware of our thoughts and emotions, but not reacting to -or judging- whatever flows through the stream of our mind. This takes practice, by training your attention.

What can Mindfulness bring you? Mindfulness is not ‘emptying your mind’; however hard you try, your mind will never be ‘empty’. The idea is more that you focus on what it is you want to focus on and let other thoughts pass by. Research shows that mindfulness brings people more calmness, focus, creativity, and peace of mind. Also, many health benefits have been reported. Join one or more of our open, online Mindful Moment sessions, created to support you through this intense moment in history. Let’s come together to practice Mindfulness, enjoy being together, or just have a quiet moment.


HTH Female leadership community

Chair: Ms. Chantal Newton

We are passionate about Feminine Leadership. We want to dive deeper into this subject and empower ourselves by exploring best practices and learning about the

latest research. We are interested in building a strong student HTH female leadership community. We like to connect to HTH alumni to share insights, compare experiences, and discuss ideas and challenges. It is embedded in our school program in terms of AQ, EQ, and IQ. Because of all of the above and more, students joined the Extra Mile Feminine Leadership Journey. Each block there are meeting moments, there is a joined platform, and a yearly event. It is our intention to “together create and maintain a strong Feminine Leadership chain starting now, flowing into the future."


This project “Extra Mile Office” is part of the Quality Agreements 2019- 2024

In 2018, the Association of Universities in The Netherlands (VSNU), the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH) and student unions made agreements with the Minister of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW) about the use of the funds released by the student loan. This investment should lead to a noticeable quality improvement in education. Find more about the Quality Agreements 2019-2024 here. The Quality Agreements for Hotelschool The Hague is the result of an interactive process of working groups and consultations with both students and staff.