Student Life

What is it like joining HTH during COVID-19?

Going to university can often be a challenging transition from adolescence to adulthood, meeting new friends, moving away from home, and getting to grips with the studies. On top of that, students set to start university this winter are facing challenges that nobody could have ever predicted: wearing face masks around the campus, practicing social distancing, attending online courses are some of the new norms in a higher education environment. So what is it like to start university and have to deal with those new regulations while remaining safe from COVID-19?

In the early stage of adulthood, most young adults have an unclear mindset concerning their future and the right path, but our students have provided us with the specific reasons for choosing Hotelschool The Hague.

  • “I chose Hotelschool The Hague due to the multicultural environment, the different languages but also the internship programme” (Leonard Krill, 19 years-old)
  • “I chose HTH based on the networking opportunities as well as the variety of options after graduating” (Ashby Jong, 18 years-old)
  • “My sister in law attended Hotelschool The Hague, therefore I gained information from inside” (Margherita Urzi, 20 years-old)
  • “I have some friends from HTH, so I was familiar with the course but also I like the sense of the international community here” (Javiera Rojas, 19 years-old)

During these uncertain times, our students have ambitions and dream about their future careers and this was reflected in their answers:

  • “My future plan is to manage a hotel chain, move away from the Netherlands, and travel around the world” (Margherita Urzi, 20 years-old)
  • “I really want to have a career in the Marketing & Event Planning Industry and live in different countries” (Javiera Rojas, 19 years-old)

First-year students had really good impressions during their first week, despite the restrictions and essential changes that have been made on campus.

As Margherita said, “Even if there are many restrictions, the campus is still well organized and I really like the spacious rooms at Skotel."

A warm welcome to all our new students - We are thrilled that you joined our community!