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5+1 reasons to study an MBA programme abroad

To obtain or not to obtain an MBA? Undoubtedly, an MBA is regarded as a prestigious diploma that can serve as an entrance ticket into an array of professional fields. Many students who have finished their studies and have already joined the workforce, often find themselves wondering when is the right time to commit to an MBA programme. If you are one of them, have a look at the list we have compiled with six reasons why you should consider an MBA.

1. International opportunities: An MBA degree is very often accredited and recognised within the Netherlands and abroad, making it an attractive qualification to have for those interested in international career opportunities. Since both the worlds of hospitality and business are not bound to any borders, the knowledge and new contacts you will gain from an MBA will surely help you land an opportunity anywhere in the world.

2. Valued by employers: "Knowledge is key", but it can only come to life when combined with the right set of soft skills. Graduating from a well-established MBA provides your future employer with proof of your ability to work hard, perform under pressure, and commit to success. The completion of an MBA also shows dedication to your personal development and willingness to venture outside your comfort zone.

3. Chance to switch careers: MBA holders do not only possess broad knowledge of strategical and analytical business skills, but also sharpen their communication and time management skills – vital in any business. With a ‘specified general focus’, an MBA is your key to opening up to a whole new world of opportunities and kick-starting your transition between careers.

4. Network, network, network: MBA studies attract students with a global mindset from all over the world. When you join an MBA programme be prepared to expand your professional network by meeting like-minded people that you would not have the chance to connect with otherwise. And who knows? Maybe your classmate will become your business partner in the future!

5. A degree that sets you apart: When job hunting, an MBA can certainly differentiate and set you apart from candidates without one. Although an MBA is not often a minimum requirement itself, it is always well-received by employers as it confirms your dedication and hard work.

6. Enhance your skills as a leader or manager: Apart from theoretical knowledge, an MBA also strengthens your management skills and learning business principles. At Hotelschool The Hague, an intense Hospitality Leadership Journey is an integral part of the programme, highly valued by its alumni and business partners.

Why join our MBA in International Hospitality Management?

Hotelschool The Hague’s small-scale MBA programme is tailored to aspiring young professionals (with at least one year of working experience) who want to accelerate and strengthen their career path today.

Based in Amsterdam, this 13-month programme focuses on service excellence in a business environment and includes concept innovation and change management. Graduates from our MBA become experts in creating, analysing, and delivering high quality service excellence in various fields within hospitality such as:

  • Hospitality consultant
  • Commercial business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business development managers
  • Change project managers
  • Client journey executives
  • Marketing & brand managers

Our students are well-prepared to step up their career, excel, and make a difference in the industries where hospitality is considered a key differentiator.

Last but not least, joining Hotelschool The Hague instantly introduces you to an extensive alumni network worldwide, enabling you to stay interconnected and find your next professional opportunity!

Learn more about our MBA programme here.