Student Life

Reinventing the wheel with TEDxHotelschool TheHague 2022!

Sustainability, inclusivity, diversity, connectivity. These were the four main themes our speakers and audience explored on Friday 11 March during this year’s on-campus TEDx event! Our four speakers discussed the ways in which they have questioned old habits and ideas, and come up with exciting ways of reinventing their identity as well as ways of working and living.

The evening started with Sofie van der Meulen, Dutch health and data law expert and Chair of the board Foodwatch NL. According to Sophie, the first step towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace is by promoting representation. Variation, uniqueness, and differences should be respected and celebrated.

Representation matters. If you can see it, you can be it. People tend to like people like themselves and this leads to exclusion. The mentality needs to change.

Sofie van der Meulen

Richard McGeown, Chef of Couch’s Great House Restaurant in Polperro, Cornwall was the night’s second speaker. Richard cooked the world’s first in vitro meat in 2013. At a time when we can grow almost anything we can imagine, he encourages people to become more aware of the process behind food production and consumption of meat and consider sustainable, animal-friendly alternatives to it.

The first part of the event was followed by a break for networking drinks, snacks, and bites at The Bar, all prepared and served by our students under the instruction of our F&B Instructors. The João Barata Trio band played live music throughout the night, during guest arrival and breaks.

The event continued with Somaye Dehban, founder of the synergetic personal transformation model "Verbinding". Somaye referred to the importance of valuing differences instead of being intimidated by them. As our identities evolve within communities, we should be leaning into our need for bonding, joining forces, and synergizing.

Synergy means seeing the world as we are, not as it is.

Somaye Dehban

The last speaker, Kevin O’ Garro, is an IT Consultant who has reinvented his way of commuting to work. His love for cars from an early age resulted in them being his main means of commute for many years. However, the effect of this “habit” on the environment made him think twice. Today, he has shifted from using his car daily to commute to riding his velomobile, thus effectively reducing his carbon footprint.

The night ended with a Q&A session that sparked insightful conversations among our students, speakers, and external attendees, especially around the topics of inclusivity and sustainability. Thank you to all the speakers, attendees, and sponsors for joining this inspiring event organised by our HTH students.