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The ultimate guide for your Selection Day

If you are invited for a Selection Day, then you have reached the next stage of your journey in your application to Hotelschool The Hague. This process helps us discover more about your abilities and reasons for applying, but also gives you the chance to find out more about the course and the university.

The Selection Days take place on campus, online, and abroad. We highly recommend attending the selection day on campus. This will allow you to visit our campus, meet members of our faculty and staff, and talk to students.

The Selection Committee consists of current students, lecturers, alumni & support staff. It is an amazing opportunity for prospect students to meet and get insights from people within the hospitality industry and also current students.

Selection days can be challenging and stressful for many applicants – including myself. I still can remember how stressed I was for my selection day. If I could give one piece of advice for prospective candidates is to be yourself and be confident about your skills.

Nicolas Schultze - Student

What to expect on a selection day?

Arrival on campus:
After arriving on campus, you will be greeted by and have a quick tea or coffee with your fellow applicants.

Interview, pitch, and an essay:
You will enter the room in which two assessors will be greeting you. The Pitch, interview, and essay will take approximately 45 minutes. You will be assessed on your leadership skills and your motivation for the school and the hospitality industry. Note: Both assessors’ opinions have the same weight when making a final decision!

Knowledge test:
You have to attend the knowledge test in which you will be tested on your English skills as well as your numerical knowledge.

Numerical test:
As finance is an important part of our curriculum, a numerical test is in place in order to test your capabilities and to see if you are fit for our curriculum.

You will be given time to write an essay during the Selection Day. The essay is supposed to be a reflection of an experience you had. You will be given around seven topics and you will need to write an essay about one of them.

It is a great feeling to be able to select the future students of Hotelschool The Hague. A piece of advice from me would be to be yourself. I know it sounds easy, but I cannot stress this enough. During the interview, we want to get to know you, your dreams, and your passion.

Alexandra Marian - Student & Selection Committee member

Preparation tips:

Every step of the Selection process is equally important, but what's more important is your motivation of wanting to join Hotelschool The Hague. Why do you want to join the hospitality sector and HTH? Reflect in advance on all these questions and also:

  • Be yourself
  • Share with pride your motivations for Hotelschool The Hague
  • Answer confidently
  • Stay humble
  • Make a good first impression

Another strong component is leadership. Have a couple of examples ready for when you presented your leadership skills in the past during a group project or a job. Be prepared for the roleplay, and make sure to support all your arguments and ideas. Lastly, make sure to familiarise yourself with sustainability matters and Development Goals. Our community aims to always increase its impact with regards to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Good luck with your selection day! We are excited to have you in our community and create hospitable futures together!

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The article is written by Nicolas & Alexandra (students at Hotelschool The Hague)