Student Life

Tips & tricks to make a great application

Silvia is one of the two new student ambassadors at the Amsterdam Campus; she shares some valuable tips on applying to Hotelschool The Hague.

My tip for you is to prepare by gathering information about our values, our course, and the HTH spirit. This will help you understand what we stand for and allow you to feel more connected with Hotelschool. You can find information by reading other blog posts or attending one of our upcoming events.


These may seem like obvious things but sometimes it's useful to be reminded! When writing your CV, do not exceed one page. When providing an overview of your experiences, structure them from most recent to oldest. If you want to get creative in the layout, some great free tools such as for CV templates are worth checking out.

Selection day

Prepare for the selection day by making good use of all the resources that Hotelschool provides. Definitely practice for the numerical test! Also, keep an eye out for the invitation to join the Selection Day tips & tricks webinars hosted by the Recruitment Team.


When you prepare your pitch, make sure to be concise and to avoid listing your CV, but rather demonstrate your motivation and determination; tell us what drives you, what makes you who you are. Ask yourself these three questions; Why do I want to study hospitality management? Why did I choose Hotelschool The Hague specifically? What makes me stand out from the crowd? Your answers will help you better understand your reason for applying to Hotelschool the Hague and tell us why you should be selected.

Silvia’s tips

  1. Be yourself and be confident in your skills
  2. Inform yourself about the entire selection procedure, it will make you less nervous
  3. Don’t forget to smile!!