David Brannon

David W Brannon was born in Toronto, Canada. His career began working for the global luxury hospitality chains in Dubai before obtaining his PhD from Henley Business School. Thereafter he advised the British government as a HR consultant for the Institute of Employment Studies before joining Hotelschool the Hague initially as a lecturer and now research fellow.

David’s research addresses sustainable talent management especially within the hospitality industry often adopting a design-based research perspective. This research follows from his postdoc designing sustainable HR practices for retaining and attracting Dutch hospitality graduates.

“My research aims to develop sustainable Initiatives supporting individuals, organisations, communities and industries dealing with ever increasingly complex work-related wicked challenges. Although significant research has centred on OB and HR, with some recent attention shifting to sustainability, there remains an unresolved academia-research gap which if left unattended could pose economical and sociological concerns. Also, as an educator, my ambition is supporting students design brighter work futures for themselves, their colleagues and their communities.”

David’s research interests are Sustainable Talent Management, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the hospitality industry and design-based research methodology.