Dissemination of knowledge – Inspiring someone with something new

Working on dissemination of knowledge is not just part of my work, it is part of who I am. Sharing what we know with each other as educators, researchers and of course with our beloved industry is where I wish to create impact.

A personal statement made by Yasemin when she was able to turn one of her values into an actual active long-term project for HTH – Dissemination of Knowledge. This in itself may not sound as exciting or attractive at a start, yet Yasemin took a chance to twist this around and made some progress over the past years.

As individuals we carry a high amount of tacit knowledge with us, and as we at HTH transform young talents into young professionals we see urgency in making them realize how they can share knowledge they created themselves. Not only because of the known high turnover rate this is important, moreover, to share knowledge to create more best practice cases. Students are required as part of their bachelor thesis to showcase ‘professional’ acts of dissemination of knowledge towards relevant stakeholders. This is where Yasemin saw an opportunity to connect and support students in understanding that that does not stop with sharing your report with your manager or commissioner. How can you inspire the industry with your found solution? What impact are you able to create within an industry outside of the hospitality? Why do your findings inspire your personal challenges and who can benefit from these? Are just a few questions students are challenged by. As HTH does try to focus on creating synergy between theory, practice and research one of the last developments within HTH is the launch of ‘student poster sessions’ during the International Research Symposium. And not of course this did not only include HTH Bachelor, Master and MBA students, representatives from national partners (Saxion) and international partners (EHL and Cesar Ritz). Yasemin is now working on expanding such initiatives and tries to further integrate relevant dissemination of knowledge strategies also more internationally. Her appointment as Director of Marketing (2022-2024) in the Board of Directors for EuroCHRIE will allow her new opportunities to discover and action).