Manager Real Life Learning

You will be responsible for practical education, policy development, the management of processes and services.

You will be responsible for practical education and its outlets, policy development, the management of processes and services, hierarchical management, the student housing and both Skotel locations.


You will join a multidisciplinary team of professionals in a challenging but friendly environment. The school community is international, which means both the educational programme and all business communication are done in English. Hotelschool The Hague has developed an excellent reputation over 90 years; the result of the structured & innovative educational programme and the experience and quality of our staff, instructors, and lecturers.


Hotelschool The Hague students need practical education to fully develop their hands-on approach and hospitality management skills. They gain this experience in our own facilities: at both campuses there are different restaurant concepts and a hotel where students learn and practice essential Food & Beverage and hospitality skills. The newly to be formed department “Real Life Learning” is a composition of two large teams comprising of approximately 50 FTE's; Rooms Division and Food & Beverage.

Function description

Your initial assignment is to realize a new integrated Real Life Learning department, while acknowledging the specific characteristics of the Rooms Division, Food & Beverage, Skotel, Event Office and practical placement tutoring. The challenge is to manage the practical learning aspects, operations and transforming the practical learning even more towards facilitating learning in all (degree) programs and to support a wider range of research activities. The transition period is academic year 2022-2023. The main driver is to enhance students' opportunities for success and contribute positively to the quality of the student experience, progression and retention. A positive, pro-active and service minded 'can do' attitude is essential for this role in which you will have the opportunity to help shape the most valuable Real Life Learning department for Hotelschool The Hague possible.

Your responsibilities will include, but not be limited to;

  • translating strategic objectives and policies into (multi-year) long-term policies and integral policies for the entire department field; 
  • formulating long-term objectives for the department and senior managers; 
  • analysing the consequences of new policies, adjustments and results and preparing advice for the Board of Directors;  
  • people management responsibility to direct reports
  • Outside-in approach and innovative translation/implementation of external experiences/ideas within HTH
  • responsible for evaluating policies in relation to the department’s field. 
  • Realizing a new structure design of the Real Life Learning (RLL) department, including (if needed) adjusting or creating new job profiles, roles, tasks, responsibilities and mandates.
  • analysing (international) developments and translating these into (practical) education 
  • responsible for the development, innovations and improvements aimed at the department’s services 
  • setting up and realizing a multiple year plan to contribute to research in the RLL department
  • making a substantive contribution from the practical education to the development of the educational programme, for example through close collaborations with the research centre and in the form of projects 
  • establishing alignment with Theoretical Education in the new bachelor curriculum
  • taking responsibility for the development of the practical courses within the curriculum and the connection with the theoretical courses.
  • responsible for the development of the multi-year department plan and coherence between department plans (including preparation and budget) and managing the broad implementation within the set budget; 
  • coordinating the development and implementation of long-term and integral policies, processes, procedures and services in relation to the department’s field and formulating advice for the Board of Directors;  
  • managing strategic and multidisciplinary projects/programmes, directing the project leaders and ensures the coherence of the programme; 
  • responsible for the coordination and quality of all processes within the department; 
  • responsible for monitoring, analysing and evaluating the impact of activities and identifying obstacles during the implementation process; making adjustments if necessary and informing the Board of Directors;  
  • responsible for the department's quality management;  
  • periodically reporting to the Board of Directors and management team regarding the progress of policy aspects; 
  • providing management information and reports 
  • responsible for the implementation of practical education 
  • organising the planning of the practical education, creating the timetable and the deployment of students in the various practical training teams

Candidate profile

You have/are:

  • extensive theoretically focussed knowledge in the field of F&B and RD, business processes (incl. (European) procurement and tendering) and (practical) education 
  • insight in the organisational, procedural and professional connections in a broader context than the own department 
  • skilled in creating and coordinating the activities and the annual plan  
  • skilled in developing policies 
  • skilled in (personnel) management, leadership and advice 
  • innovative
  • an inspirational leader
  • a coach and mentor


Hotelschool The Hague offers a salary based on scale 13 the labour agreement of Universities of Applied Science (CAO HBO) with a range between €5.566,02 and €6.579,22 gross per month, depending on your professional experience and qualifications.

In addition, Hotelschool The Hague offers:

  • A 13th month;
  • An excellent package of fringe benefits;
  • Employees with a 40-hour working week are entitled to 428 hours (53 days) of leave annually with retention of salary;
  • Excellent opportunities for further personal development;
  • Compensation towards your health insurance expenses;
  • Option to make use of group discounts for multiple insurances;
  • Travel allowances for commuting to and from work;
  • A pension plan through ABP;
  • Most importantly you would work for an organisation that strives to have a positive impact on society, helping to develop future leaders in the hospitality industry.

Additional information

Hotelschool The Hague works with a 40-hour workweek. The starting date for this position is as soon as possible depending on the notice period of the applicant.

The work location for this position can be either our Campus in Amsterdam and/ or Campus The Hague.  

Additional information can be provided by Ms Regine von Stieglitz (president of Hotelschool The Hague), through email:

An English language proficiency test may be part of the selection procedure. Upon receiving an offer, a certificate of conduct (VOG) is required.

How to apply

We look forward to receiving your English CV and motivation letter. Kindly submit your CV and motivation letter to the attention of Ms. C. Kloos, Corporate Recruiter.

To apply please send your cv and motivation letter to

Please take note that employees affected by the reorganisation receive priority over other applicants in the hiring process.