The Hague

The Hague is the third largest city of the Netherlands with a population of more than 500.000 residents. The Dutch government is seated in The Hague and the city is home to the Royal Family. Officially The Hague is not a city but a village which translates in a warm and welcoming feeling. It is a very compact city which provides well for its inhabitants in different ways, such as large parks, 11 km of coastline (Scheveningen), attractive shopping streets and an extensive multicultural scene.

Besides the lively beach of Scheveningen in the summer, The Hague has a mouthwatering culinary scene and lots of bars and cafes. At ‘het Plein’ in the city centre you find a different cafe for every mood and you might be standing next to the Prime Minister since the Government is just opposite.

The Hague offers great architecture, prestigious art galleries and a variety of museums. The Hague is known for its free of charge pop music festival ‘Parkpop’ and the International Fireworks Festival.


The Hague has a distinct international character as it is home to more than 150 international organisations, as well as many EU institutions, multinational companies and embassies. Whether you go to a café, a festival or beach club there is a big chance you will meet a lot of different nationalities.


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Studying in The Hague

There are about 32,000 students in The Hague. Studying in The Hague means immersing yourself in a high-quality study programme and being able to add leading organisations to your CV, build up an international network and develop a worldwide orientation. In this way, you too can make a difference!

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