Let the countdown begin: Sustainable Hospitality Challenge Finals

The Final round of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge (SHC) will take place next week in Abu Dhabi during the Future Hospitality Summit.

The date is closely approaching! In less than a week we will know who is going to be crowned the big winner of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge, the platform that brings to the table innovative hospitality approaches. Sponsored by NEOM, Bench, and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, the challenge has evolved into a global knowledge-based initiative.

After the exciting Semi – Finals round in Amsterdam back in June, five were the winning teams that secured the golden ticket to Abu Dhabi and the Future Hospitality Summit. In advance of the thrilling round of the Finals, get a glimpse of the teams and their inspirational concepts.

The Culinary Institute of America & The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc): Jack Freedman, Kristi Wadler, Andrew Bialosky & Anthony Wilson

Fytosi invites guests on an extraordinary journey of sustainability, culinary excellence, and holistic well-being. With their concept, the team aims to inspire individuals to embrace a harmonious relationship with the environment and encourages guests to join in "nurturing through nature.”

Cornell University: Franka Gell, Ryan DeGraw, Ryan M. Laver, Milad Rohani

In Al Marjan innovation meets regeneration; at this first ever, completely sub-aquatic resort, every underwater encounter deepens the symbiosis between built society and the natural marine world. Al Marjan invites its guests to discover a realm beyond the boundaries of ordinary by living in this coral nursery. At the same time, Al Marjan is a coral space for an enlightened community of like-minded individuals who cherish the world's oceans, giving them the opportunity to come together, nurture the delicate marine ecosystems, contribute to a symbiotic future, and celebrate the coexistence of humans and nature.

Hotelschool The Hague & Nanyang Technological University Singapore: Viktoriia Bakshinskaite, Silvia Gradogna, Priscilla Lelea, Daryl Chionh, Wee Wen Bin

With NEXUS, regeneration and gaming come together to design a unique concept. NEXUS is an interactive gamified hospitality experience, housed in a regenerative dome in NEOM. The dome regenerates the desert, and boasts native plants and species, allowing a full immersion into nature. At Nexus, guests are the heroes in a quest where each successful mission helps restore the environment.

Hotel Management School Maastricht & Münster School of Architecture: Valentina J. S. Wießmeier, Kim van den Bongard, Maria Ioana Neicu, Christian Brunnert, Desislava Paneva

What if you could find your balance while re-connecting with nature? Ukiyo can help you do just that! Ukiyo enables everyone to connect with the roots of Mother Nature and find their purpose of being a pure human again. To achieve this, Ukiyo follows a new approach: connecting by hiding.

Politecnico di Milano: Giulia Ettori, Davide Grasso, Rosanna Caldarella, Elisa Schembri

Hòstraka sets out to protect the marine ecosystem while demonstrating how a sustainable vision can coexist with an amazing navigation experience. Hòstraka’s inspiration comes from the ocean; oysters are able to naturally filter sea water from waste creating pearls. The Politecnico di Milano teams invites people to learn from what nature has already proved, offering the cleaning and pearl experience. The greatest pleasure Hòstraka can offer to the guests is to enjoy a clean sea by teaching them how to respect it.

Are you curious about the Finals next week? Stay tuned on our socials to find out who’s the big winner on 26 September during the Future Hospitality Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE.