Jeroen Oskam

Jeroen Oskam was born in Rotterdam. He obtained his PhD cum laude from the Universiteit van Amsterdam (1992). He has worked at different universities and hotel and tourism schools in the Netherlands and in Spain.

Jeroen’s current research focuses on the future of hospitality, with recent scenario studies on topics as OTAs and urban vacation rentals. His latest books are Innovation in Hospitality Education (Springer, 2018), The Future of Airbnb and the 'Sharing Economy'. The Collaborative Consumption of Our Cities (Channelview, 2019) and The Overtourism Debate: NIMBY, Nuisance, Commodification (Emerald, 2020).

“My research aims to clarify how changes in our environment impact our personal and professional lives. These changes may originate within our own discipline, but most of the time they will be caused by other developments that will take us by surprise if we take a narrow view. Also in my educational role, it is my ambition to make students think about how they can anticipate or react to future, often unexpected events.”

Jeroen’s current research interest are Strategic Foresight and sociocultural sustainability of hospitality and tourism.