Webinar on food waste reduction in hospitality

Interested in innovation strategies for reducing food waste in hotels and restaurants? Then this webinar is for you.

We are delighted to share a webinar that our Project Leader and Research Fellow in Marketing Anna de Visser-Amundson participated in together with Carlos Martin-Rios, Associate Professor of Management at École hôtelière de Lausanne. The webinar took place 9 April and was arranged by Be Waste Wise, moderated by Gijs Langeveld and attended by more than 120 participants.

The webinar covered strategies and tactics to reduce food waste in the hospitality industry. Anna de Visser-Amundson specifically talked about influence strategies to reduce food waste in professional kitchens. She zoomed in on her and her team’s work during the national Food Waste Challenge which led to an average decrease in food waste of 21% across the 172 participating restaurants by implementing simple behavioral interventions.

The webinar was very well received and Gijs Langeveld referred to it ‘as one of the best in this series.’ The participants also shared many positive comments and posed several interesting questions.

Curious? Here is the link to the webinar.