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6 Most asked questions about our Master in Leading Hotel Transformation

Our Master’s programme Leading Hotel Transformation is designed for students who wish to continue challenging themselves in their hotel career and become leaders in the drive to help hotels adapt to digital transformation and circular, sustainable economy. Co-created with the hotel industry our one-year Master offers real-life, practice-based academic education to our students, the hoteliers of the future.

What are the career prospects of our Master’s programme? Is English the main language of communication during your studies at HTH? Is a pre-master required to attend this programme? Keep reading to find the answers to the six most asked questions about Hotelschool The Hague’s Master programme in Leading Hotel Transformation!

1. Is a pre-master required?

No, a pre-master or GMAT test is not required in order to be admitted to this programme. The entry requirements for this Master’s are:

  • an NVAO-accredited bachelor’s degree or equivalent (e.g. a Dutch-funded bachelor’s degree),
  • a minimum of 12 months of relevant work experience in the service-related industry,
  • C1 English level, both written and oral.

Other secondary entry requirements are IQ, EQ, and AQ skills. By IQ we refer to research, information literacy and analytical skills. By EQ we refer to emotional intelligence; do you have the right knowledge and people skills? Finally, by AQ we refer to skills when it comes to adversity; how resilient are you in coping with uncertainty and change?

2. What to expect from a selection interview?

Upon completing your application, you will be invited for a selection interview. On this day, you will have an interview with the programme coordinator and write an essay. The interview will take approximately 45 minutes, and you will be given time to write the 450-word essay afterwards. There will be seven topics for you to choose from, all revolving around focal points of the programme, and you will need to write an essay on one of them.

Side note: Students who have graduated from an NVAO-accredited bachelor's degree in hotel management, hospitality or tourism are welcome without the essay assignment.

3. Is knowledge of Dutch required for this programme?

Hotelschool The Hague takes pride in being an international hospitality school with students from 50+ countries. Our school is a university of applied sciences based in The Netherlands, with a tight-knit mixed community of Dutch and international students and staff. Diversity is deeply rooted in the DNA of our school. Our community is connected by the use of English as the main language of communication. Thus, mastery of C1 English level, both written and oral, are among the basic entry requirements for the Leading Hotel Transformation Master’s programme.

4. Where is the campus located?

Hotelschool The Hague has two campuses; one in The Hague and one in Amsterdam. However, all classes of the Leading Hotel Transformation programme take place in Amsterdam. Located in the western part of the city, just a stone's throw from the urban park Rembrandtpark, our Amsterdam campus is easily accessible by bike, tram or walking. Nevertheless, teaching is not limited to the four walls of our school! As this is a programme in Leading Hotel Transformation, it should be taught and experienced in a hotel. Therefore, 1/3 of the classes are conducted at external hotel locations. This way students can directly apply their knowledge in real-world situations and interact with professionals.

5. Is there a thesis?

Our Master’s programme is organised in four Blocks. During Block 1 you will become acquainted with fundamental trends driven by digital technologies while in Block 2 you will explore the principles, theories and tools needed to create an innovative corporate eco-system within an existing hospitality organisation. Block 3 will teach you why hotels transform their business (models), and ways to manage and lead the transformation. In Block 4, all acquired knowledge and skills will come together by conducting research in one of the areas covered by the programme. Your paper will address a practical or professional problem and contribute to the theory on the topic. So, yes, you will write a thesis and defense with the programme manager and your company.

6. What are the career prospects?

The world of hospitality is a constantly evolving one, making it mandatory for hotels to quickly adjust to new consumer demands and trends. This one-year MA Programme in Leading Hotel Transformation offers a specialised diploma that equips you with the skills and knowledge to navigate these changes excellently. Having a specialised master’s degree gives you a competitive edge in the job market; employers value professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise to drive change and improve hotel performance. This qualification can open doors to management positions or entrepreneurial opportunities within the hospitality industry, from small-scale boutique hotels to larger global hotel chains. Students often also find positions in project management or consultancy.

Are you ready to jumpstart your career? Learn more about our programme here or attend one of our online open days. You can register for free here.