Ahmet Vatan

Ahmet Vatan was born in Belgium in 1985. He is currently a visiting researcher at Hotelschool the Hague in the Netherlands. He has been a member at the Faculty of Tourism at the Istanbul Medeniyet University in Turkey since 2016. He completed his undergraduate (2008), master's (2010), and doctorate studies (2015) in tourism management and received an Associate Professor title in tourism science in Turkey. He works as an academic and also writes feature films and scripts for series.

Ahmet’s current research focuses on sustainable tourism and robots in tourism. He authored and co-authored 13 research papers, 12 conference papers and 15 book chapters. He edited 3 books that he designed himself.

“The basis of my research in recent years is my master's thesis on the use of innovation in hotels. In my subsequent education and academic journey, the use of technology in tourism has always been one of my areas of interest. Tourism is a multidisciplinary field. For this reason, you can have the chance to increase your knowledge about tourism by studying different subjects. Although being women in tourism, the relationship between tourism and art, the relationship between tourism and popular religions in the world, the marketing of cities (subject of Phd thesis), are other areas where I made researches, sustainable tourism and robots in tourism have been my main research areas.”