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What to expect from a Master in Leading Hotel Transformation programme

If you are interested in continuing your studies after your bachelor's, why not learn more about our Leading Hotel Transformation MA programme?

This is an intensive, small-scale, one-year programme that awards you with 60 ECTS credits. It teaches you how to identify and analyse complex abstract problems using strategy decision-making and design-based research in new, unknown, and unpredictable contexts. And the best part? You get to spend 1/3 of the course in hotels, either by attending classes there or visiting one. This brings you up close to the world of international hotel industry.

What’s the programme like?

The Leading Hotel Transformation programme comprises of four blocks; Developments, Business, Transformation, Integration. Each block covers a different faucet of the hotel industry. In Block 1 you will learn about developments in hospitality and get acquainted with fundamental trends driven by the rapidly changing digital technologies.

“The programme touches upon interesting topics on important future trends of the hospitality industry with a strong focus on digital and circular transformation.”

Dimitris Visvardis, MA student

During Block 2, you will deep dive into the theories, tools, and principles needed to design an innovative corporate ecosystem. What will help you accelerate your ideas, and test and scale them within an existing hospitality organisation? Particular focus will also be placed on circularity from an academic and industry perspective.

What follows is Block 3; this is where the element of Transformation comes in! At the end of this block, you will have explored the drives and reasons why hotels are transforming their business models, and how this influences working approaches, organizational structure, and employee competencies.

Last but not least, Integration. All acquired knowledge and skills during blocks 1-3 will be put to use in this final part of the programme. In Block 4 you will be asked to conduct research in one of the areas covered in the previous months on a practical or professional level. Your passion for hospitality will shine and your paper will contribute to the theory on the topic!

Are you excited to start our Master's programme yet? You can find more information about it here or chat live with our student ambassadors and recruiters here.

"Engaging in digital and circular transformation now as an hotel will prevent problems in the future. Our graduates understand that and know how to steer and guide projects on this topic throughout the hotel organisation, from property to chain level."

Caroline Schelfhout, Coordinator Master Programmes