Daphne Maria Dekker

Daphne Dekker was born in Hilversum in 1980. She currently holds the position of Professor of Hospitality and Hospitable Behavior. Daphne obtained her Master’s degree in Organisational and Social Psychology at Utrecht University, and her PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology. In Eindhoven she conducted various studies regarding collaborations in global virtual teams. Daphne has worked for Hotelschool The Hague since 2011. She is also affiliated to the Vrije University of Amsterdam (Organisational Psychology Department).

As an organisational psychologist, Daphne combines her knowledge on people, processes, and personality with the world of hospitality. Daphne has gained insight into the personality and behaviour of people working the hospitality industry and the effect that this has on guests. And not only on their perceptions, but also on their behaviours (such as review writing).

In 2013, Daphne led a RAAK project, which allowed the participating researchers to develop instruments to select hospitable employees. In collaboration with colleagues, students and academics, Daphne currently not only focuses on guests and employees, but has also incorporated robots into the equation.

Daphne’s mission as a professor is to understand the effects of robotisation, not only on the guests, but also on the employees, and in the interaction between the two. By gaining insight she wants to create value to research, education and the hospitality industry.

“My mission as a professor is to gain knowledge in collaboration with colleagues, students and people from the industry. When the synergy is right, we can really make a difference in academia and in practice”

Daphne’s current research focuses on hospitality and hospitable behaviour and the role of robots.