Les Saveurs

Welcome to Les Saveurs! We invite you to grab a seat in our lively café for a delicious lunch, drinks & bites or a quick coffee to go. Whatever you crave, Les Saveurs has got you covered. Feel the vibrant energy around you or take a front row seat at one of our cocktail competitions. There is never a dull moment at Les Saveurs.

Opening hours

Hotel guests are welcome from 07:30-09:30

Students are welcome from 10:00-20:00


Tel: + 31 20 851 29 00

Please note that Les Saveurs is not taking reservations. You are welcome to walk in and find a table on the spot.

About Les Saveurs

The atmosphere at Les Saveurs is relaxed and casual. We offer full table service so our students have the opportunity to practice and learn their skills in a real-world setting. Our menus are driven by fresh, sustainable products which are locally sourced. Sustainability is embedded in our institution’s DNA, and this is reflected in our changing menus, which feature a surprising choice of food and beverages.