Les Saveurs

Supervised by a professional chef-instructor and a maître d’hôtel, our students prepare our dishes with fresh ingredients and serve them with them with care and attention. Sustainability is embedded in our institution’s DNA, and this is reflected in our changing menus, which feature a surprising choice of food and beverages. We want to create a meaningful and real experience for our students. That’s why we give them the best possible preparation for their future careers by closely following the latest trends in the industry.

About Les Saveurs

The atmosphere at Les Saveurs is relaxed and casual. Les Saveurs is open for coffee and lunch and is also the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon drink. We offer full table service so our students have the opportunity to practice and learn their skills in a real-world setting. Our menus are driven by fresh, sustainable products which are locally sourced.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 07:00 – 19:00