Our Master’s programme curriculum

More than ever, hotel organisations need to adapt to change. That’s why we designed and co-created our new master’s programme (CROHO 49151 MA) together with the hotel industry. A one-year programme yielding 60 ECTS credits, it targets young hospitality professionals with a strong passion for hotels.

The programme prepares students to lead the way in tackling the challenges and embracing the opportunities facing the international hotel industry today and in the future. They learn how to define strategic scenarios and develop business solutions that will help hotel organisations adapt to key changes such as the digital transformation and the circular economy. These far-reaching challenges can only be addressed by focusing on the entire hotel ecosystem.

There is great demand for skilled professionals who can drive this transformation. Our master’s programme prepares students by developing their expertise in strategic thinking, innovation, culture, stakeholder management, the guest experience, (project) leadership and ethics. Students are also taught key 21st-century skills such as inquisitiveness, critical thinking, collaboration and agility. They will learn how to identify and analyse complex abstract problems using strategic decision-making and design-based research in new, unknown and unpredictable contexts.