Ready to take your career to the next level? Join our MBA in International Hospitality Management!

Are you professional, ambitious, open-minded and creative? Do you combine your business brain with a hospitality heart? Do you have a genuine ambition to be a leader in the wider context of the service industry? Then our internationally recognised Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Hospitality Management might be just for you!

Hotelschool The Hague’s Master of Business Administration in International Hospitality Management is created to enable young, aspiring professionals to thrive in a rapidly changing world. The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to rattle the foundations of businesses worldwide. Maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage when facing increased automation, standardisation and commoditisation can rarely be achieved through the tangible aspects of a business model anymore. As hospitality is becoming one of the leading differentiators in many industries, we have placed hospitality-concept innovation at the centre of this Master's curriculum.

“I believe that hospitality is a hot topic in every sector. From Bankers to Microsoft associates, I maintain that all stand to benefit from the intricacies of hospitality.” Mr Max Lind (Class of 2016-2017). This statement reflects the vision of the MBA; hospitality has expanded beyond the boundaries of industry and is now a cornerstone for any business or sector.

The programme

This MBA challenges future leaders in service innovation. Founded on hospitality principles, you learn to excel and make a difference in industries where hospitality is, or will become, a key differentiator. By placing the focus on maximising the (intangible) experience of all stakeholders within an organisation, the MBA enables you to apply the learnings and foundations of hospitality on any business. You learn to differentiate not only on the WHAT, but also on the HOW and WHY.

With a modern business curriculum focusing on leadership, business strategy, concept innovation and change management, MBA graduates emerge as adaptable, future-oriented professionals, ready to take the next step in their career. During the 13-month programme, you learn to analyse existing service models, and to design, create and innovate alternative business models and concepts. The combination of knowledge and skills on topics such as innovation through service design, modern strategic thinking, problem solving and research methodologies gives you all the necessary tools to lead the implementation of tailored solutions to many different organisations.

What can you expect?

At Hotelschool The Hague, we place strong emphasis on real-life learning. Throughout the programme, you will participate in inspiring, practice-based courses led by our professional, industry-experienced faculty. Our courses are supported by lectures from industry leaders, hands-on workshops, regular field trips and an international study trip. These elements combined prepare you for a final consultancy project in which you, in the role of a consultant, demonstrate your ability to take the lead in strategy, concept innovation and/or change in a real-world environment.

“With great guest lectures and events, we can expand our network to help us to conquer new opportunities and face new challenges for the future.”

Ms Ana Camboim (Class of 2015-2016).

Career opportunities

As a full-fledged business curriculum, the MBA creates career opportunities for graduates in virtually every corner of the Tertiary Sector. Hotelschool The Hague’s MBA degree opens doors varying from strategic and corporate positions in fields like business development, consultancy, hospitality management, facility management, marketing and brand management within the hospitality industry and beyond to founding your own company; the MBA alumni career perspectives can be as diverse as your background.

Alumnus Marcello Magaldi (Class of 2014-2015) came to the MBA fully intent on continuing his 5-year career in the hospitality sector upon graduation. He had multiple job offers aligned by the time he defended his thesis. His horizons and aspirations broadened along the way and he now works for Coravin, a wine-related startup that grew beyond its US borders to establish operations in Europe just three years after it was founded. Marcello encourages everyone to “embrace the broader meaning of hospitality”, because “hospitality is everywhere”, and “by knowing and applying this, you can open any door.”

Passport to your future!

Would you like to find out more about our MBA in International Hospitality Management? Then join our Online Open days on Tuesday 23 April or Tuesday 21 May or meet us on campus during a regular MBA Open Day. You can register here. For more information about our MBA programme please visit our website.