Discover the Power of AR/VR Innovation for Hospitality Trainings

Why are AR and VR technologies (augmented, virtual reality) critical right now in the hospitality industry? Imagine onboarding your (new) hospitality staff with immersive VR simulations that replicate customer service scenarios or utilizing AR to make your trainings for housekeeping processes more engaging.

Just two concrete use cases of how AR/VR are transforming operational efficiency and engaging hospitality employees, and these technologies are quickly becoming indispensable for pioneering hospitality businesses.

Join us on 16 May at 5 PM at Hotelschool The Hague, Campus Amsterdam, for a compelling session on the transformative potential of AR and VR in hospitality. This exclusive event will feature technology experts from META (the parent company of Facebook) and Hotelschool The Hague, who will deliver inspiring talks and live demonstrations. Participants will have the unique opportunity to see firsthand how AR/VR technologies revolutionise trainings in the hospitality sector.

"From our research studies, we see that hospitality workers benefit from higher job readiness and feel more comfortable in their jobs. There is huge potential for the hospitality industry to create better working conditions through AR/VR."

Dr. Alexander Schmidt, Professor of Technology Innovation

"We truly believe in co-creating AR/VR solutions for the hospitality industry. We are looking forward to strengthening our community of AR/VR creators in hospitality - with or without prior experience in immersive technologies."

Dr. Praneschen Govender, Researcher and Lecturer in AR/VR

The session will provide a platform for discussing concrete use cases of AR and VR in training and operations, allowing attendees to explore practical applications that can be implemented within their own businesses. The event is tailored for hospitality industry executives, technology innovators, Learning and Development professionals, hotel and restaurant managers, consultants, and alumni to connect with like-minded professionals and envision the future of hospitality through the lens of digital innovation. No prior experience in AR/VR required.

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