The Yearly Overview of our Hospitality Research Centre is out!

Like every year, the Hospitality Research Centre has prepared an overview highlighting some of the past year’s most important projects, activities and publications. This edition looks back on a year in which we further invested in industry relevance and in the visibility of our school as a source of innovative insights. We have covered a range of new topics, among which Hospitality Robotics, Food Waste Reduction and Virtual and Augmented Reality perhaps have drawn most attention internationally:

Hospitality Robotics

In March 2022, Hotelschool The Hague welcomed its first robot named Temi. This robot can support reception staff with simple tasks such as welcoming guests, exchanging information and showing people around. In addition, Hotelschool The Hague and Delft University have been collaborating on many projects. Would you like to know more about these projects? Click in the link below and access the full report!

Food Waste Reduction

Hotelschool The Hague participates in the INterdisciplinary Approach Towards Fostering Collaborative INnovation in FOOD Waste Management (IN2FOOD) Erasmus + project, a capacity-building project to enhance the capability of Indonesian universities to deal with food waste issues in Indonesia through education and research promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative innovation.

This summer, Hotelschool The Hague delivered and executed the IN2FOOD “Food Waste To Finish” (fWTF) Summer School. A total of 50 students were assigned to different teams and asked to explore food waste in different ‘use cases’ (i.e., different food waste contexts such as restaurants, street food, households, hotel buffets etc.). Interested? Find out more details in the full report!

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Hotelschool The Hague has partnered with different universities in the Erasmus + project Transforming Hospitality Education through Tech Abilities (THETA). we are developing four prototypes of immersive technologies which are being tested in corresponding use cases of hospitality education:

  • The outlets in n 360VR
  • Interactive AR Hotel room
  • AR Holographic chef
  • Difficult conversations

Find out more about virtual and augmented reality and all the activities of the Hospitality Research Centre this 2022 in the full report!