Alexander Lennart Schmidt

Alexander Lennart Schmidt is European citizen, born in Germany. He obtained his PhD on disruptive business models from the VU University in Amsterdam. Alexander has worked in several Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany and the Netherlands.

As professor (lector) for technological innovation, Alexander focuses on technology-induced changes in the hospitality industry and beyond. To this end, he investigates questions and phenomena at the crossroads of digital technologies (such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation technologies) and business model innovation. Alexander’s research has delivered management tools which have been proven effective in an era of continual disruption.

“My research aims to shed light on how (digital) technologies induce change in industries. Often, those changes are driven by market players from outside established industry borders. That is why I engage in cross-industry research and partnerships. In my role as a lecturer, it is my goal to inspire our students based on recent empirical evidence. In our classrooms, students experience me as a learning facilitator ‘on eye level’ who enables individual development and learning.”

Alexander’s current research interests mainly include topics related to Technological Innovation in Hospitality.