What is the #FairKitchens initiative?

The #FairKitchens initiative stands for a more resilient and sustainable hospitality industry by creating a healthy and positive kitchen culture that enables people to thrive. Our partnership with this ground-breaking international platform is especially important in the current climate. The industry has to deal with closures, a maze of regulations and like most sectors, there is uncertainty about the future.

Three HTH students were recently interviewed on their views of the future of hospitality. #FairKitchens recognised a good dose of positive attitude in the responses of the Hotelschoool The Hague students, which reflects the resilient nature of the community which we are so proud of.

Lucia Cabot, Benjamin Saunders and Miruna Avram, all final year students at Hotelschool The Hague, talked about how they are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and their vision of the future in the industry.

Consequences of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry

The students were unanimous that despite the suffering and hardships caused by COVID-19, there are positive outcomes. “I believe that COVID-19 will make the future of working hybrid, the combination of online and on-site working is something we need to adapt to but it will also give us the flexibility to work remotely," Lucia Cabot commented.

Another aspect which the students do not necessarily view as a negative is that the future of hospitality will bring a host of technological innovations, for example, investment in improving global connections and improvements in hygiene will have a positive impact on the industry.

Your future in hospitality

An optimistic outlook prevails when the students talk about the consequences of COVID-19 on their own career. “Despite everything, I maintain an optimistic, openhearted and confident approach to the situation. I will graduate soon and I am still very passionate and eager to pursue a career in the hospitality industry when I graduate soon. I hope to have a job within the hostel industry to be a part of the next creative wave," says Benjamin Saunders.

I do believe that the possibilities for graduates to find a job still exist. What will help me in this process is that I show great flexibility and resilience and my advantage as a graduate: a fresh perspective. It is definitely a good moment to use the creative vision of Gen Z graduates to better position hospitality brands.”

Miruna Avram

New ways to be creative and embracing innovation are positive changes in the industry. This kind of change, despite the circumstances, can contribute to a happier and healthier workforce in hospitality which is exactly what #FairKitchens stands for.