City Hospitality

Cities are experienced by their welcome.  Next to the importance of the hospitable climate towards visitors and tourists, this also includes multiple stakeholders, such as; residents, entrepreneurs and businesses are crucial.  Attention in city hospitality development is shifting from attracting and welcoming tourists who stay longer, spend more money, and come back more often to a well-balanced community. 

City Hospitality research focuses on

  • Hospitable encounters between host and guest and their experiences.
  • The impact of hospitable behaviour of stakeholders on meaningful experiences and its contribution to welcoming communities through human orientation and cohesion. 
  • Connecting and engaging, dedicated to enriching lives with hospitality. 

Our research is aimed at creating social sustainable interaction between residents and visitors.  leading to attractiveness and liveability. The phenomena of city hosts, meaningful and mindful city encounters contribute to the over-tourism debate and – in these times – to reinvent tourism initiatives.  

The research at Hotelschool The Hague in the area of City Hospitality is dedicated to contributing to the UNSDG goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.