Arjan Rheede

Dr. Arjan van Rheede is Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Sustainability, Change Management and Research Methodology at Hotelschool The Hague. He has worked on labour market and HRM-related issues in the hospitality industry. Currently he works on the transition towards a circular economy. Researching strategy implementation (practice) based on insights from organi¬zational development and change to help organization to implement sustainable practices more successful. And how Sustainability issues changes the host – guest relationship?

He gained his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Management & Organization Groningen University with research on the appropriation of innovations in the work system. Previously, he worked as a researcher at IOWO, an independent educational consultancy affiliated to the Radboud University on strategies used in environmental education. At The Nijmegen School of Management at Radboud University he conducted research on strategies on the environmental movement and their effectiveness. He did his M.Sc. at Radboud University at the Nijmegen School of Management on Environmental Policy.

Research Interests

Dr. van Rheede's main interests of study include sustainability, strategizing, organisational learning, and organisational change & development. He prefers using both quantitative and qualitative methods.